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The inauguration of the Zayed Humanitarian Library at the Family Development Foundation confirms the depth of the vision that the UAE seeks to devote

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When we are launching the new website of the Family Development Foundation, then we provide you with the developments achieved by the Foundation upon serving the family in Abu Dhabi through the services and programs that it offers. The foundation aims at enhance the stability of the family to a cohesive society through these services and programs.

As the new website is fully developed for you, this is because we believe in the importance of communication with you, and the promotion of dialogue and meeting across all platforms through which we can communicate with each other as we are in the UAE society in general, and Abu Dhabi in particular. We are one entity, one heart. We represent the common hopes and aspirations through which we believe in the importance of the family and its roles in society. Thus, we are modernized by the technological developments from which we can choose what will benefit the members of society and contribute to the development of the individuals' culture for the benefit of them and their homeland.
Since its establishment in May 2006, the Family Development Foundation has endeavored to develop its programs, services and technical and media channels to be with you, and to provide you with all the new contributes to build a love and respect-based healthy family, believing in the importance of preserving values and safeguarding principles, and conveying the same honestly to the new generations to be their immune fortress, and their shield against any dangers that might face them in the future.

I congratulate the leadership of the Foundation and all its staff on the launch of the new website and wish them more successes in the future. I am sure that we live beautiful moments, the most beautiful moments has not yet come.

Fatima bint Mubarak
Foundation's Supreme Head​​
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