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Shawer (Seek Our Advice, We Listen To You):

Based on the Foundation's vision of “sustainable social development of a conscious family and a cohesive society” and its mission to “contribute to civilization in the development of areas of sustainable social development and achieve the well-being of the family and society efficiently in participatory institutional performance” and within the priorities and initiatives of the strategic plan aimed at promoting the values of cohesion, interdependence and communication between family members, to support a healthy family system based on respect and complementarity of roles and family stability and to affirm the concepts of belonging and national identity, the idea of providing Family Counseling Service (SHAWER "Consultation") is considered as one of the strategic programs emerging from the first initiative “Developing methodologies and designing programs in family-oriented counseling” that fall within the first strategic priority “Contributing to the welfare and cohesion of the family, ensuring welfare and sustainable social development and strengthening national identity to reach a conscious family and a cohesive society”.
• To support the stability of family life by raising the awareness and ability of community members in order to positively deal with family problems.
• To provide individual and association consultations in the social, psychological and educational fields according to the needs of the community members