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About fdf

Shawer (Seek Our Advice, We Listen To You):


The Definition of the Programme:

​Inspired by FDF's vision, which states "sustainable social development for an aware family and a united community" and its mission which states " Civilized contribution to the development of the fields of sustainable social development and the achievement of well-being of the family and the community with high efficiency in the joint institutional performance ", and as a part of the priorities and initiatives of the strategic plan which aim at strengthening values of cohesion, unity and communication among family members, supporting sound family systems that are based on respect, roles' integration, family stability and highlighting concepts of belonging and national identity, the idea of offering family consultation services (Shawer) came out as one of the strategic programs that emanate from the first initiative "introducing methodologies and designing programs to the family-oriented consultations". This program also falls within the first strategic priority, which states "contribution in achieving well-being and unity of the family, ensuring sustainable social development and care, strengthening national identity for an aware family and a united community"​

 المحتوى الافتراضي - شاور.pdf

The Type of the Service:

Preventative, developmental and therapeutic.



  • Supporting family life stability through raising the society members' awareness and ability to deal with family problems in positive ways.
  • Offering individual and group counseling in the social, psychological and educational areas according to the needs of society members.

Implementation Mechanism:

Individual counseling sessions held in office, via the phone or electronically.

Group counseling sessions.


Targeted Category:

All family members​


RegionName PositionPhone Number


Central ​ ​ ​

Abu Dhabi Central02 6519601
Gate Abu Dhabi Central02 6519650
 Al Wathba Central02 6519663
Al Shahama Central02 6519654


Eastern ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

Al Ain Central03 7035333
Ramah Central03 7035345
 Al Shwaib Central03 7035362
 Al Hayer Central03 7035381
Sweihan Central03 7035353
Al Wagan Central037035393


Western ​ ​ ​ ​

Marfaa Central02 6519723
Madinat Zayed Central02 6519730
Ghayathi Central026519711
Delma Central8781333 02 
Sila Central026519704