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Barakat aldar Programme

Stemming from the vision and message of the Family Development Foundation and its fields of interest in regards to integrated and comprehensive support for the elderly; strengthening their connectedness to their children; education of families on the psychological, health, social and economic requirements and needs of advanced age groups to ensure their integration into society with different age groups, providing a decent and safe life for the members of society, Barakat Al Dar Service was designed to provide a decent social life for the elderly, to promote their rights, and to enhance social responsibility and the role of the family towards integrating them into society. 
This social service aims to increase the knowledge and skills of the elderly to adapt to and be compatible with the retirement stage, as well as to raise their abilities to be integrated into social life with different age groups. It also aims to increase opportunities for active participation by senior citizens and communication between the generations, to identify the needs of each area and to raise the percentage of active senior citizens.

The service is provided through interactive workshops that involve transferring the wisdom of senior citizens and sharing with others through interactive activities with young people and children.

 This contributes to national development, and ensures adherence of the new generation to values, culture and heritage, supporting their participation in social activities, and providing them with a forum to interact and enhance their integration into society.

Service objectives:

  • To increase opportunities of active participation of senior citizens and communication between generations

  • To identify the needs of each area.

  • To raise the percentage of active senior citizens

 Target group:

  • Senior citizens aged 60 years and above.

  • Senior citizens’ caretakers aged 17 years and above.

  • People approaching retirement age from 55 to 59 years of age.