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About fdf

Secure Childhood


The Definition of the Programme:

Based on the FDF's vision of "sustainable social development for an aware family and a coherent society", and according to the higher strategic outcomes aiming to contribute to preparing an aware generation of youth that are proud of their national identity and to work on reducing negative behaviors through programmes specific to the various growth phases in respect of the psychological, physical, mental and social aspects. The programme was designed for children to spread the knowledge in addition to educating and enabling them from protecting themselves against abuse and against the modern technologies' risks. This is achieved through implementing interactive activities using tools and methodologies consistent with the child's developmental characteristics, in order to deliver the necessary knowledge and skills to children.



The Type of the Programme:

Preventive developmental.



  • Equipping children with knowledge and skills in the personal protection field, in a manner consistent with their developmental characteristics.
  • Providing children with the correct concepts related to the problem of abuse and the risk factors.
  • Introducing children to self –protection mechanisms against abuse.
  • Enabling children to protect themselves against the risks of modern technologies.

Implementation Mechanism:

Interactive activities to learn through participation, interaction, role playing, using stories, competitions, drawing and figures' personification, fun interactive workshops, provided that they are consistent with the targeted age category.


Targeted Category:

  • Children in age group from 6 -12 years.​

 Time Table:


CenterImplementation DateDurationTargeted Category
Ramah​29 Janauary 2019amChildren
Ramah20 February 2019amChildren
Zayed City30 Janauary 2019amChildren
Zayed City4 February 2019amChildren
Al sila4 February 2019amChildren​
Al sila11 February 2019amChildren
Abu Dhabi11 February 2019amChildren
Abu Dhabi12 February 2019amChildren
Al Hayer11 February 2019amChildren
Al Hayer12 February 2019 amChildren
Al Ain19 February 2019amChildren
Alwagen19 February 2019amChildren
Alwagen6 March 2019amChildren
AlDhaher20 February 2019amChildren
Al marfa25 February 2019amChildren
Al marfa26 February 2019amChildren
Al marfa27 February 2019amChildren
Alwathba26 February 2019amChildren
Alwathba27 February 2019amChildren
Gayathi25 March 2019amChildren
Gayathi26 March 2019amChildren
Dalma15 April 2019amChildren
Dalma16 April 2019amChildren
Al Shahama16 April 2019amChildren
Al Shahama17 April 2019amChildren
Al Shahama18 April 2019amChildren
Al Shahama24  April 2019amChildren
Abu Dhabi22  April 2019amChildren
Abu Dhabi23 April 2019amChildren
Al Shuaib22  April 2019amChildren
Al Shuaib23 April 2019amChildren
Al Hayer24 April 2019amChildren
Al Hayer25 April 2019amChildren
AlDhaher29 April 2019amChildren
Al marfa19 June 2019amChildren
Dalma8 September 2019amChildren
Dalma9 September 2019amChildren
Abu Dhabi Gate16 September 2019pmChildren
Abu Dhabi Gate17 September 2019pmChildren
Abu Dhabi Gate18 September 2019pmChildren
Abu Dhabi Gate19 September 2019pmChildren
Al Ain16 September 2019amChildren
​Al Ain24 September 2019amChildren
swihan16 September 2019amChildren
​Swihan17 September 2019amChildren
Ramah18 September 2019amChildren
Alwagen18 September 2019amChildren
Al sila22 September 2019amChildren
​Al sila23 September 2019amChildren
Alwathba23 September 2019amChildren
Al Shuaib25 September 2019amChildren
​Al Shuaib26 September 2019amChildren
Abu Dhabi14 October 2019amChildren
Abu Dhabi15 October 2019amChildren
Abu Dhabi11 October 2019amChildren
Abu Dhabi​​12 November 2019amChildren
AlDhaher14 October 2019amChildren
​Al Dhaher15 October 2019amChildren
Alwathba15 October 2019amChildren
swihan14 October 2019amChildren
​Swihan16 October 2019amChildren
Alwagen22 October 2019amChildren
Gayathi28 October 2019pmChildren
​Gayathi29 October 2019pmChildren
Al Ain4 November 2019pmChildren
Zayed City10 November 2019pmChildren
Zayed City19 November 2019amChildren
Ramah20 November 2019amChildren​


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