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Reproductive Health Programme

The Definition of the Programme:

It is an integrated programme concerned with women's reproductive health that covers 3 topics divided on 3 phases (over 3 years):

  • First phase: Concerned with women before and during pregnancy, risk factors and care pregnant women should receive, in addition to ensuring a risk-free birth.
  • Second phase: Postpartum care (postpartum phase) and breastfeeding.
  • Third phase: Reproductive health and adolescence.

The Type of the Programme:

Awareness and preventive.


Objectives of the Reproductive Health Programme:

  • Introducing participants to reproductive health's concept and elements.
  • Defining risk factors and indicators affecting reproductive health before and during pregnancy.
  • Introducing participants to healthy follow-up basics and healthy nutrition before and during pregnancy.

  • Providing participants with knowledge necessary to ensure risk-free birth.


Implementation Mechanism:

  • The programme is implemented through workshops and awareness seminars for women about to get married and the married ones in the age group above 19 years old.
  • 3-hour training workshops, one day for each workshop.


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