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About fdf

Ramadan Forum

The Definition of the Programme:

A group of purposeful and variant social, cultural and health events, and activities that serve the strategic priorities implemented in Ramadan in the FDF centers with the aim of investing all family members' time and fulfilling their needs and desires in a manner that contributes to promoting the social values and establishing the positive habits in the holy month.


The Type of the Programme:




  • Raising awareness about the importance of optimal investment of the holy month through spreading positive social values and behaviors.
  • Promoting the concept of social cohesion and solidarity to family and society members.
  • Promoting proper healthy lifestyles to all family members during the holy month.
  • Emphasizing on the importance of volunteering and voluntary work values, and activating the community service message and positive integration with all its segments.
  • Contributing to supporting society members in events that benefit them in a Ramadan atmosphere full of intimacy, love and joy.
  • Instilling positive social and cultural values in children's and youth's mind and encouraging them to practice positive habits and behaviors.
  • Contributing to women's economic empowerment through providing an encouraging environment for businesswomen to promote their economic products.

Implementation Mechanism:

Lectures, workshops and Ramadan meetings.


Targeted Category:

All family members.



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