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About fdf

Promoting Men’s Positive Participation in Family Life


The Definition of the Program:

Family is the main unit for building society where each of the father and mother carries a variety of responsibilities and tasks, of which the most important is acquiring a range of purposeful skills to achieve a stable productive family that enjoys a balanced relationship among all of its members.  Man is one of most important elements of the family as many decisions and tasks  are entrusted to him, consequently a man, whether he is  a father , a brother or a son,  bears a huge responsibility in building a sound family and taking them to the shores of a good, psychologically balanced life.  


The Type of the Program:

Preventive developmental.



- Promoting men's role in the family. 

- Providing men with personal positive purposeful skills for better self and others understanding in order to achieve a healthy stable family.

- Educating men about the roles they are expected to fulfill to maintain family cohesion and unity.​

- Developing the skills of communication, positive dialog and dealing with others.


Implementation Mechanism:

Training workshops.


Targeted Category:

it targets adult men and youth in Abu Dhabi's society


Time Table:​

Abu Dhabi17 April 201910-1  am
Abu Dhabi16 October 201910-1  am
Abu Dhabi Gate16 April2019 10-1  am
Abu Dhabi Gate25  September201910-1  am
Alwathba25  September201910-1  am
Al Wathba6  November201910-1  am
Al shahama 18  September201910-1  am
Al Ain12  June201910-1  am
Al Ain15  October201910-1  am
Ramah4 September 201910-1  am
Al Shuwaib16 October 201910-1  am
Sweihan26 August 201910-1  am
Al Hayar November 5 201910-1  am
Al Wagan10 September 201910-1  am
Al Dhaher17  September201910-1  am
Zayed city23  October201910-1  am
Ghiyathi15 April 201910-1  am
Al Marfaa Center11 June 2019  6-9 Pm
Delma30  April201910-1  am
Al Sila18  November20195-8  am


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