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Enrich your Marriage Questionnaires

This programme aims to raise the couple’s awareness about their life’s strength and weakness points according to a scientific methodological system that examines their marital relation’s health and soundness besides measuring their compatibility

Elderly’s Social Home Care Service

Out of the FDF' keenness, which objectives and competencies in its establishment decree no. 11/2006 in the second part stipulated (providing all forms of care necessary for the elderly and working on attracting them to lead a socially stable life)

Children & Youth of the House Club

The idea of launching a children and youth club stemmed from the FDF's vision of sustainable social development that begins with taking care of children then youth and developing their skills, abilities and talents

Beginning… End - Effective Parenting:

This programme focuses on maintaining the bonds of affection and compassion between children and their parents after the separation in order to recover from the crisis or the shock.

Beginning… End - Renew Your Life

This programme aims to establish a new concept about the experience of separation and even benefitting from it to make it the beginning of a new story.

Awareness Health Campaigns

It is a supporting programme to the Family Health Programme that targets all family members, and comes with awareness health campaigns based on enumerating risk factors and common diseases in each region, raising individuals’ awareness

Youth of The House (Shabab Al Dar) Programme

In accordance with the strategic priority of promoting social and cultural concepts and values to youth and children and preparing them for sustainability objectives in the emirate, the FDF launched Youth of The House (Shabab Al Dar) Programme.