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Our Life Our Decision

This programme was specifically designed as a self-help programme to help participants to improve their relationships with their family, relatives, friends, co-workers, classmates and others. Thus, it enables them to develop their social skills

Men’s Skills Development Programme

This project aims to develop the social and cultural skills in order to enable men to enter the labor market. This is achieved through training courses contributing to promoting men's status

Know Your life Partner Programme

The FDF implements (Know Your Life Partner) programme to qualify those about to get married, where the participants are acquainted with compatibility level between them and their life partners according to specific scientific criteria.

Marriage License

"Marriage License" programme's planning and implementation is the first step to qualify those about the get married, from engaged couples, those who tied the knot and newly married couples (1-3 years), to go through marital life with enough ...

Family Profile

The project of preparing a family profile is a definite and effective social system to study families' conditions. This is achieved through preparing a complete profile about the family requesting consultation, each member's characteristics

Family Leadership

Based on the FDF's vision, mission and objective of caring about and developing families in general, and women and children in particular, and in order to emphasize the family's role in the socialization process

Family Health

It is an awareness integrated program offering the pivots of preventative and nutritional health and proper healthy habits in order to promote individuals’ health education

Enrich your Marriage

Enrich your Marriage Programme aims to raise the couple's awareness about the strength and disagreement points in their life together according to a scientific methodological system