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About fdf


Shawer (Seek Our Advice, We Listen To You):

This programme aims to offer various- dimensional counseling (familial, marital, psychological health, educational, developmental, vocational) to all society segment

Secure Childhood

Based on the FDF's vision of "sustainable social development for an aware family and a coherent society", and according to the higher strategic outcomes aiming to contribute to preparing an aware generation of youth

Reproductive Health Programme

It is an integrated programme concerned with women’s reproductive health that covers 3 topics divided on 3 phases (over 3 years): • First phase: Concerned with women before and during pregnancy

Ramadan Forum

A group of purposeful and variant social, cultural and health events, and activities that serve the strategic priorities implemented in Ramadan in the FDF centers with the aim of investing all family members' time and fulfilling their needs

100 Days Challenge

This programme was designed in order to improve women's psychological status in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi through equipping them with the healthy proper style. This is according to the outcomes of a study conducted about the needs of family

Raidat Al Dar

his programme is based on the FDF's vision, mission and keenness to realize Abu Dhabi Government's 2030 vision and outcomes regarding building a confident society and a sustainable open economy capable of international competition

Promoting Men’s Positive Participation in Family Life

Family is the main cornerstone of building the society, where both parents carry out a group of responsibilities and tasks. Most important of which is acquiring a group of skills aiming to establish a stable productive family

Parental Relationship

The Parental Relationship Programme focuses on promoting concepts specific to the children's various developmental characteristics, while emphasizing on the fields of emotional and social/emotional growths