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About fdf


Social and economic empowerment project of women

This is a preventive service aimed at empowering women to balance family requirements and professional development in both public and private sectors

Plan Your Happiness

"Plan Your Happiness" Service is an awareness service targeting young men and women, citizens and residents, to enable them to properly plan the professional

Family Social Council

On the basis of the Foundation's interest in the development of the local community and the delight of its members in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi through scientific

Family Budget Management and Financial Planning

The family budget project is designed to spread the culture of savings and promote the concept of sustainability of the family economy. It also raises the awareness of families about the importance of sound financial planning and the risks of debt.

Barakat aldar Programme

Based on the FDF's vision and mission and interest fields of integrated and comprehensive support to the elderly, promoting their relations with their children, raising families' awareness about the advanced age's psychological,

Shawer (Seek Our Advice, We Listen To You):

This programme aims to offer various- dimensional counseling (familial, marital, psychological health, educational, developmental, vocational) to all society segment

Secure Childhood

Based on the FDF's vision of "sustainable social development for an aware family and a coherent society", and according to the higher strategic outcomes aiming to contribute to preparing an aware generation of youth

100 Days Challenge

This programme was designed in order to improve women's psychological status in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi through equipping them with the healthy proper style. This is according to the outcomes of a study conducted about the needs of family