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Marriage License Program

its consists of a training workshop for both gender. also contains a separate practical training workshop for women on the domestic arts of cooking and running the household

Family Budget Management and Financial Planning

The family budget project is designed to spread the culture of savings and promote the concept of sustainability of the family economy. It also raises the awareness of families about the importance of sound financial planning and the risks of debt.

Yelset Al Freej

This programme aims to promote the values of communication, cohesion and unity among society members through societal initiatives that promote social, cultural and health aspects among all society members' segments.

The Educational Blessing of Home Programme

Based on the FDF's vision and mission and interest fields of integrated and comprehensive support to the elderly, promoting their relations with their children, raising families' awareness about the advanced age's psychological,

What is Marriage?

It is an awareness programme targeting those about to get married from men and women and their parents.

Family Meetings

Family Meetings Programme aims to identify families' needs in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, which contributes in achieving family stability and effective contribution to the society.

Summer Forum

The FDF organizes the summer forum (Kayez Wayana) according to its strategic plan, vision and objectives of focusing on establishing social values and instilling the Arab traditions in order to contribute to having an aware family and a coherent ...