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Family Health

The Family Health Program is a comprehensive and complementary awareness program between the two pillars of preventive health and nutrition and healthy habits. This program aims at improving the health culture of individuals through the dissemination of knowledge aspects, trends and healthy behaviors, based on the belief of the Family Development Foundation in the importance of community awareness in supporting healthy lifestyles for families and promoting health prevention as an essential pillar of the sustainable development process.


Program Objectives:

• To instill healthy concepts and foundations in the family.
• To promote community awareness about the basics of healthy nutrition and positive change in their behavior, attitudes and health habits.
• To raise community awareness of the importance of periodic detection to prevent diseases and reduce their effects.


Implementation mechanism:
The program is implemented in the form of workshops and awareness seminars provided by health professionals in the schools and centers of the Foundation.


Target group:

• Children (6-12)
• Youth (24-19 years)
• Men (25-59 years old)