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Family Budget Management and Financial Planning

The family budget and sound financial planning project was designed to spread the culture of saving, to promote the concept of sustainability of the family economy, to raise the awareness of families towards the importance of sound financial planning and the risks of debt, and to provide these families with financial management skills, mechanisms and methods of sound financial planning. The project contributes to the formation of a conscious generation capable of managing its financial resources through prudent spending and successful investment, and to meet the challenges in the field of spending, consumption and savings, by raising citizens' awareness of debt risks, strengthening their ability to sound financial planning and identifying resources and expenditures and priorities and making the required balance between the needs of the individual and family.

Program Objectives:

•To spread a culture of sound financial planning and savings concepts and to promote the sustainability of the family economy in order to reduce the risk of consumer debt in the family.

•To provide families with financial management skills and mechanisms and methods of financial planning and rational spending

•To provide a mechanism in order to support financially troubled families to study their problems and help them to develop plans for proper financial intervention to ensure overcoming the financial crisis.

Implementation Mechanism:

 A one-day awareness training workshop in the socio-economic field at each Foundation center for 3 training hours.

Target Group: Family members aged 18 years and above.



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