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Marriage Enrichment Program

The program aims at enriching the Marriage to raise the awareness of the spouses of the strengths and differences in their common life according to a systematic and scientific methodology that tests the health and safety of their marital relationship, and studies the extent of compatibility between them, through a standard questionnaire measuring several key areas affecting this relationship significantly and directly. The most important fields are as follows: "Communication and understanding, crisis management, conflict resolution, familiarity and intimacy, family and social life, personal habits and differences, roles and rights, and financial affairs".




• To raise the awareness of the spouses on the concept of compatibility and marital satisfaction to consolidate their relationship, to enhance the value of their integration, and to maintain the strength and cohesion of the family.
• To enable spouses to understand the nature of basic needs, personal differences, roles, responsibilities and limits of each spouse.
• Spouses will gain communication skills to deal with, communicate, and understand each other, and strategies to deal with differences and family pressures.
• To build healthy family and social relationships for successful marital relationship, and a sense of happiness and satisfaction.


 Implementation mechanism:

• Filling out the "know your lifetime partner" questionnaire by the participants as a prerequisite to participate in the program in order to introduce the two partners to the personal aspects of each other to achieve greater compatibility and convergence between them.
• Three-day interactive training workshops with a total of 9 hours of training.


Target groups:
Males or females married couples including (youth, women, men, and elderly), who have been married for more than 3 years.


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