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Children & Youth of the House Club

  • On the basis of the Foundation's Sustainable and Social Development Vision, which starts from caring for children and young people, and aims at developing their skills, abilities and talents to prepare them for the future, this "Children & Youth of the House Club" Service was launched to provide a suitable social environment to attract children and adolescents through a place equipped with the best means that are suitable for the target age group, and contribute to the investment of their leisure time, so that we can provide them with a range of educational activities and entertainment activities aimed at providing them with specialized knowledge and skills offered by a group of specialists, in addition to sports activities and techniques and in line with the children's physical, psychological, environmental, social and health concerns and needs. It also contributes to the development of their abilities, providing them with positive behavioral skills and instilling a love of giving towards their country and society within the framework of the cultural heritage of the UAE to positively reflect on the personality of the child, firstly and then society as a whole.

    Type of Program: Developmental and Preventive Program.


    • to invest children leisure time positively for the benefit of society and families.
    • To raise the child's awareness of the concept of rights and duties and to develop his national sense towards his country, family and society.
    • To provide a supportive environment for exploring and developing children's talents and enabling them to practice these talents.
    • To support the creative and innovative capacities of children.
    • To provide children with basic life skills and enabling them to apply them
    • To provide healthy and healthy eating habits inside and outside the home.
    • To provide social, psychological and educational counseling for children according to their needs.


    Implementation mechanism:
    Interactive activities for learning through participation, interaction and role-playing, use of stories, quizzes, drawing and character play, and  fun interactive workshops, to be tailored to the target age group.


    Target group:

    • 6-8 years boys and girls
    • 9-12 years old boys and girls
    • 13-18 years old boys and girls



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