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Beginning… End - Renew Your Life

The Definition of the Programme:

This programme aims to establish a new concept about the experience of separation and even benefitting from it to make it the beginning of a new story. This programme is also concerned with self-building for those who went through the separation experience according to sound psychological health basis in order to be able to focus on their relationships with others in a better way.


The Type of the Programme:

Preventative, developmental and remedial.



  • Introducing participants to the role of development and rebuilding oneself in overcoming crises and achieving psychological and social satisfaction.
  • Equipping participants with purposeful positive life skills to rebuild oneself after crises.
  • Creating a positive attitude within participants to face difficult family crises and reduce their severity and effects.
  • Enabling the participants to apply the strategies of facing difficult family crises in order to achieve a more balanced and stable life.


Implementation Mechanism:

  • Training workshops, 3 days each and 9 training hours in total.
  • Group counseling sessions


Targeted Categories:

Divorcees, widows and widowers, and those who are deserted (youth, adult women, adult men or the elderly). ​


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