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Beginning… End - Effective Parenting:

The Definition of the Programme:

This programme focuses on maintaining the bonds of affection and compassion between children and their parents after the separation in order to recover from the crisis or the shock. The safer and more stable the child's socialization environment is, the better they grow, and the worse this relation is, speculations about the child's future psychological and emotional health get more complicated.

The Type of the Programme:

Preventative, developmental and therapeutic.


  • Providing separated couples with knowledge and directions that enable them to reach to mutual understanding regarding the children.
  • Identifying the negative and positive effects of the parents' feelings and attitude during and after the separation on the children's psychological structures.
  • Enabling the participants to apply strategies concerned with the sustainability of positive relationships with the children in case of separation or the absence of one parent.


Implementation Mechanism:

Training workshops.

Group counseling sessions.


Targeted Categories:

Divorcees, widows and widowers, and those who are deserted (youth, adult women, adult men or the elderly), with children.​


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