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Awareness Health Campaigns

The Definition of the Programme:

It is a supporting programme to the Family Health Programme that targets all family members, and comes with awareness health campaigns based on enumerating risk factors and common diseases in each region, raising individuals' awareness about how to protect themselves against these diseases or how they should deal with them in case of occurrence.


The Type of the Programme:

Preventative, awareness.



  • Raising awareness about good healthy behaviors and ways of prevention.
  • Highlighting family members' modern lifestyles and patterns and their effects on their health.
  • Discussing the latest medical developments related to health phenomenon becoming more common and spread due to their relevance to certain lifestyles.
  • Introducing healthy alternatives to lifestyles and implementation mechanisms to prevent the occurrence of these diseases or limit them effectively.
  • Acquiring certain skills that can develop lifestyles and make them healthier for women and all family members.

Implementation Mechanism:

Offering lectures and interactive workshops in various styles consistent with the targeted category of each workshop.


Targeted Category:

All family members. ​


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