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Passport Cultural Award

Start Date
6/21/2011 12:00 AM
End Date
6/21/2011 5:00 PM

Within the framework of Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, may God protect her sponsor child, stemming from its belief in the importance of this phase, which is one of the most important phase and most influential in the life of the individual's future, with stops in determining the main features of his character through what is derived from the experiences and values and trends, has been Launch Award passport Aalthagavi. 
First: The objectives of the award: 
1. The development of reading skills in children. 
2. Investment in leisure time the child is a handy and useful. 
3. Development capacities of the child intellectual, linguistic and expressive. 
4. Document the child's relationship with the book and the library. 
5. Highlight the talented child in the art of writing short stories. 
6. Activating the role of centers of information sources. 
7. Awareness of the family role in the upbringing of a generation reader potential. 
Second: the phases of the award 
Bronze phase: 
This stage is mandatory for participation in the award where the participant must at this stage to fully read thirty books, which qualifies it to enter the silver stage. 
Silver Stage: 
The participant in this phase read thirty books in full, and thus the total read (in addition to the previous phase) sixty books, and then qualify to enter the golden stage. 
Gold Phase: 
The participant read thirty books in full, and thus the total read (in addition to the previous phases) ninety books, the last stage in the award. 
Cultural passport extension: 
Short Story Competition: aims to highlight the excellence of the student, the competition is optional. 
III: Conditions for the award 
A - Terms and Conditions (particularly the participant) 
1. To be co-citizens of the UAE. 
2. Participant's age shall not be less than 8 years and not more than 13 years. 
3. Cultural passport valid for the bearer is not only to switch at any stage. 
4. Completion of the bronze is compulsory for all participants. 
5. In the event of loss of the passport is a participant excluded from the award. 
6. Not be less than the proportion of reading in Arabic about 50% of the total readings. 
7. Readings include a variety of fields such as science and Islamic Studies, Arts and Arts and the knowledge and human cultures. 
8. Taking into account the method of written expression and includes: 
- The language. 
- The clarity of the idea and the depth of content. 
- Explanation of admiration for the book. 
9. That co-writes with his hand and the summary line is clear. 
10. Obligation to maintain the cleanliness and integrity of the passport. 
B - Terms and Conditions (Private Secretary of the Library) 
1. Be the involvement of the librarian formal approval from the management of them. 
2. Write a list of participants and sent to the Foundation for Children at the beginning of the award.
3. Follow-up of participants according to the conditions provided for the award. 
4. Comply with all meetings and appointments provided upon receipt of passports and distribution, and even delivered for Children Foundation. 
5. Permanent coordination between the Unit for Children and parents of the students. 
6. Send monthly reports - a graph - the participants in the prize. 
7. Help participants choose the books and their diversity in terms of language and content. 
8. Guide the participants at the beginning of the award at how to formulate their ideas in a clear and simple. 
Knowing that this will be monitored Excellence Award for Best Librarian​
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