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The “Successful Anchor”, a training workshop conducted by the Family Development Foundation


The Family Development Foundation, represented by the Information Office, launched the “Future Media Professional” initiative which targets children of 6 to 12 years of age, where the Creative Lab received on Thursday at the headquarters of (twofour54) Abu Dhabi media & entertainment hub the first batch of participants in the “Successful Anchor” workshop which was conducted under the above initiative in cooperation with the Academic Center for Consulting in Institutional Development in Sharjah, and presented by the accredited trainer Amna Yassin Al-Dhahouri.

During the workshop, Al-Dhahouri talked about a number of topics related to how a future media professional is created, including the skills of self-confidence development and speaking brilliantly to the public, and other communication and listening skills, in addition to another theme, namely “how can I become a successful media professional”. Among the objectives of the workshop was is acquainting the children with the most important characteristics of a successful anchor and the skills that anchors need to possess, whether they are practical or subjective skills, explaining the nature of work in the media, and enhancing self-confidence among young anchors and teaching them the methods that help them talk to the public with confidence. In the workshop, she also focused on the practical training of children through a number of various and enjoyable means that help them reveal their capabilities and good qualities, and then discuss them with their colleagues and encourage them. The workshop also discussed with the young media makers about the most important qualities of a successful anchor, and how to nurture and develop them.

Fatima Rashed Al-Khatibi Al-Dhahnani, Director of the “Future Media Professional” initiative, said that the initiative aims to detect the children’s talents and give them the opportunity to appear, create a media impact, and convey purposeful social messages to members of the community, and ensure that they reach the largest segment of children and influence them socially and behaviorally to encourage them to develop their skills and highlight their abilities, besides engaging people with determination to express themselves and show their various talents.

Al-Dhahnani said that the Future Media Professional initiative includes a number of workshops and training courses dealing with different media topics presented by accredited trainers and media professionals, including presentation of television and radio programs, drama, photography skills, basics of electronic design, digital media, appearance in social media, in addition to the young intellectual and narrator.

Al-Dhahnani added that the Foundation had carried out during the first quarter of this year the first initiative workshop, entitled “I am creative in my presentation” in cooperation with the General Authority for Islamic Affairs and Endowments, through which the children learnt some presentation basics and skills.