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«Plan for Your Happiness» Establish a Cohesive Family


“Plan for Your Happiness”, is an awareness service that targets young boys and girls whether they are citizens or alien residents to enable them to properly plan their professional and social lives, while establishing balance between them to ensure development of family and professional harmony together with the sense of partnership in family life, bearing their responsibilities towards family life, and observe the sustainability of this sense, as a source of stability and happiness for the individual to contribute to building a cohesive family, a tolerant society and a secure homeland. This service aims at rehabilitating and preparing person who intend to marry so that they get acquainted with the correct concepts of marriage and its basic pillars through training courses for young people aged 19-25 years and fathers and mothers. The service is implemented as interactive educational lectures lasting for two hours intended for young boys and girls, as well as awareness lectures for fathers and mothers conducted in the centers of the Family Development Foundation.

Choosing the Life Partner

Fatima Abdullah Al Hammadi, Head of Youth Skills and Capacity Development, Director of the Family Life License Project, said that the aim of the program is to give young people the ability to make the right decision to choose a life partner, create a stable family that contributes to the development of society, prepare the youth for the transitional phase, establish the balance between professional and social life, and  consolidate the concept of marriage among young boys and girls who intend to marry soon so that they could establish a happy family.

She added, “the (plan for your happiness) service falls within the family life license project which is considered to be the first step towards qualification of couples who are about to get married to get engaged and even enter into marriage contracts to begin the marital life with sufficient confidence to establish a successful family, while planning for family sustainability and the strategies of effective communication between spouses, building affinity and intimacy, managing family resources, and learning about the ways of dealing with problems and addressing their causes, through a number of workshops that contribute to the development of skills and the support of success in family life, in addition to practical workshops for girls on the most important life skills, including child care and the basics of healthy cooking and household management”.


Planning Skills

Al Hammadi added, “We discovered through experience that young people lack planning skills in everything related to them, whether in terms of school life, education, marriage, or professional aspect. We have, therefore, split the (Plan for Your Happiness) service into two parts: the first is about the profession and is aimed at guiding young people to sound planning, while the second is centered on how to choose a life partner so that any person who intends to get married does not build the marriage on the experiences of false beliefs of married people, while studying the ways and means of reducing the marriage cost so that it does not negatively impact the stability of the future family because of the accumulation of debt”. Al-Hammadi pointed that “Plan for Your Happiness” service is provided to young people in universities, colleges and schools, depending on the specificity of each region, as there are regions where young people get married at an early age, so that a large number of people can benefit from such service, noting that a number of trainers specialized in family, professional, and social affairs have assisted in this service