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«Innovation and Resilience» promote family relations


The Family Development Foundation launched the third round of its first social awareness campaign entitled “A cohesive family…a tolerant society…a secure homeland”, represented in “Family Innovation and Resilience” with a view to creating a culture of creativity, innovation and family resilience towards achieving family happiness and well-being, the role of innovation in education methods to meet contemporary challenges facing the family, developing mothers’ capacities with regard to resilience and innovation in the ways of dealing with children, and consolidating the culture of exchange of emotional interest, effective family communication and qualitative time, in addition to achieving social sustainability by encouraging mothers to adopt creative thinking in children problems and applying innovative solutions to reduce the recurrence of these problems, and raising the awareness of families with the skills necessary to successfully and properly handle problems in case of emergency, so that they can recover and return to their functions in the shortest possible time.

This came as part of the campaign launched under the patronage of Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, Supreme Chairwoman of the Family Development Foundation, President of the General Women's Union, and Chairwoman of the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood, which started on 3rd March 2019 and which will continue until 15th May 2019. It includes topics centered on the emerging family and “Our Children Are Our Responsibility” initiative, as well as the innovation and family resilience event that began last Sunday.

Positive Relationships

“We mean by resilience and creativity in family relations such resilience and creativity in building family relations, which is the family members’ ability to free themselves from thinking stalemate, staying away from stereotypes when dealing with situations, problems and challenges facing the family, developing family functions with flexibly and positivity that helps interaction with the variables of the era and the positive globalization achievements, and adaption to the variables and changes it undergoes throughout the stages of its life without affecting the continuation of the performance of its natural functions and integration into society, which is the family ability to develop its strengths to confront the challenges of life in a positive way”, said Wafa Al Ali, Head of Family Counseling at the Foundation.

She added, “Family resilience is the skill that opens the door for a person to build positive relationships by broadening the horizons of productive and fruitful family dialogues in which both parties play an active role, influencing each other. The communication that enables the parties to express their feelings freely is the skill that helps you accept your faults and change your cons into pros, and your failures into success, and makes you give and take, and change from a spectator who watched the events of your life into a player that makes the event, and thus you become able to control your feelings and relationships, responsible for your behaviors and actions, and able to take your decisions in a timely manner.”

She explained that when we ask ourselves about family resilience, we recall the fact that breaking up with someone and getting associated with another does not end the state of isolation that you feel from the loss of the first person, but it, however, delays such feeling of emptiness, that changing the workplace or escaping from confronting someone who cause us pain does not end our struggle, that regretting not having done something does not make you feel proud, that making a dream come true through reassigning it to one of your children does not remove the bitterness of your feeling that it was not achieved by the first child to who you assigned the job first, that your conviction that such is your destiny and fortune, and that your dreams should be within your capacity does not curb your ambition and dreams, and finally that the support of the entire world for your point of view and its advocacy in a in a position does not eliminate you feeling of guilt and remorse, nor shall that make you to feel any comfortable, all such would only delay your wrathful feelings that suddenly reappear once you undergo a situation that excites and triggers them.


A Necessary Skill

She indicated that a resilient family is one in which each and every one of its members is satisfied with himself or herself, able to express himself or herself and develop his or her abilities and skills, and obtain the full support of his or her family members both materially and morally within the limits of their capabilities, to achieve social adaptation and overcome the difficulties of life facing him / her and be able to carry out his / her social functions effectively and achieve the desired social balance and well-being. A resilient family is one that enjoys a family atmosphere characterized by emotional warmth, positive energy, hope, trust and cohesion among its members in a way that if a family member becomes in need of support, he / she will find other family members ready to support him / her until he / she overcomes his / her ordeal.

“Life is not devoid of some difficulties that may face the family at any time, besides the many sudden crises that may negatively impact the family performance of its natural functions, which may affect the nature of its relations, structure, and entity, and threaten its stability, resilience, creativity, and innovation in family relations are, therefore, considered to be among the skills to which the family must  devote particular attention and promote them in order to be able to maintain the family entity, stability, and happiness.