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​Suppliers Registration


For registration, the following steps must be completed:

 Download the application form and fill it out, To download the registration application click here

1.    License of Department of Economic Development.
2.    Copy of Exclusive Agencies.(If any).
3.    Company Profile or Catalogue.
4.    Updated List of Employees from Ministry of Labor.
5.    A Quality Certificate (If any).
6.    Company Final Account for the last year, certified by External Auditor (If any).
7.    A copy of the authorized Signature / Power of Attorney if required.
8.    A copy of Company Articles of Association.
9.    A letter from the Bank containing Account, IBAN Number.
10. Previous Business in the Same Specialization.
11. A copy of Membership in the Chamber of Commerce (If any).
12. Company Organizational Structure.(If any).
13. A list of Your Current Clients and means of Communication with them.
New Supplier Registration                         User Guide

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